Supermoon Screenings: Rooftop Films at Storm King

Saturday, August 9

Live music begins at 7:30pm
Films screened 9:00 – 10:30pm

Experience an evening exploration of short films sited among the sculptures and rolling fields.

This first-ever film ramble, co-presented by Rooftop Films and Storm King, features films screened throughout the grounds. Walking  from one screen to the next under an August super moon, audience members are invited  to discover beautifully curated collections of new short films by directors and artists such as Allison Schulnik, Gomez Salamanca, Wendy Morris, Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, Donato Sansone, and Lois Patino. This special evening also features live music performances prior to and during screenings.

Enjoy delicious tacos by Curbside Cuisine Food Truck & cold Brooklyn Brewery beer.

Free with admission*. To register, or to purchase admission tickets in advance, click here.

Special evening round-trip bus service from Port Authority provided by Coach USA.
6:15 PM departure from New York City. 11:00 PM departure from Storm King*

*PLEASE NOTE EVENT DAY BUS TICKETS MAY ONLY BE PURCHASED AT PORT AUTHORITY.  Visitors are invited to arrive on an earlier bus and enjoy a day at Storm King.

Rain Date: Sunday, August 10



PERTH+6HRS (Wendy Morris | 3 min.)
Perth+6hrs is a personal reflection on the transience of family, on the fleetingness of childhood, and on the inevitable separations as children grow up and move away. The objects in the film are made by the son of the filmmaker. The film is created out of a single drawing.

ORLANDO’S BOOK (Wendy Morris | USA | 3 min.)
A book of English landscapes was awarded to a young man who grew up on mission stations in Southern Africa in the 19th century. This book, belonging to an ancestor of the artist, is the starting point to a reflection on literary memories of places read about but never visited, and on places experienced but never seen illustrated in books.

BEAUTY (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro | 10 min.)
A short story of the most important emotions of life, from birth to death, love and sexuality through pain and fear. It is a tribute to art and his disarming beauty. …

PORTRAIT (Donato Sansone | 3 min.)
A slow and surreal video slideshow of nightmarish, grotesque and apparently static characters.

EAGER (Allison Schulnik | Los Angeles, CA | 9 min.)
“Eager” is a traditional, stop-motion and clay-mation film ballet by painter/animator Allison Schulnik. It is a celebration of the moving painting. Although there is a beginning, middle and end, what it retains in traditional material and methods, it avoids in narrative structure. It is an uncertain account of what exists somewhere between tragedy and farce.

MOUNTAIN IN SHADOW (Lois Patino | 14 min.)
A poetic view into the relationship of immensity between man and landscape. We contemplate, from a distance, the activity of skiers on the snowy mountain. The pictorial image and the dark and dreamlike atmosphere transforms the space into something unreal, imprecise, converting it also in a tactile experience.

FLESH (CARNE) (Carlos Gomez Salamanca | 8 min.)
Flesh reveals the sacrifice of an animal during a countryside celebration in Colombia. This animated short film proposes various readings around the body and the memory thru moving paintings.


“Built on flickering runs of guitar harmonics and stretched melodies that wrap into spirals, the instrumentals of upstate New York guitarist Alexander Turnquist can occasionally feel precious, less like documents of experiences than mere suggestions of them. But “Wildflower,” from Turnquist’s wonderful new Flying Fantasy, is the sort of lived-in reflection that seems to stem from careful observation, translated into fastidious sound. There’s a wonderful springtime mimesis to this song’s six minutes, implying narrative amid exquisite, wordless motion. Lumbering spells of doubt, illustrated by Turnquist’s ever-cycling guitar, sublimate into sudden spells of wonder, aided by subtle horns and assured piano. The arrival suggests the emergence of a bloom following a late frost, less a new-age meditation than a here-and-now deliverance. Western Vinyl releases Flying Fantasy on June 10.” – Pitchfork

Beer has been lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.