Peter Coffin

Untitled (Bees Making Honey), 2012

Beehives and honey bees

Dimensions variable

Courtesy the artist

Photograph by Kate Barker-Froyland

This project comprises an apiary at the far edge of Storm King's property where a beekeeper leads weekly tours, educating participants about honeybees and their dependence on the sun for communication and survival. Peter Coffin’s practice involves working with familiar things — here, the sun, bees, honey — to see them anew. That these small colonies also rely on the sun is a reminder of the sun's omnipotence. Tour participants will receive a gift of local honey: a proposed answer to the whimsical question, " What does light taste like?"

Tours will be held each Saturday at 12pm and 1pm. Space is limited.

Artist: Peter Coffin - Bees Making Honey A Artist: Peter Coffin - Bees Making Honey B