Alternative Landscape Components

Alternative Landscape Components are welded steel and acrylic rocks, steel bushes, and trees with foliage assembled using industrial materials. For Oppenheim, an early practitioner of Land art in the 1960s, this work symbolized a radically different approach: “I don’t want to reinforce the idea of site specificity. I don’t want to reinforce the kind of Zen qualities of Earth art. I want this art to oppose it. I want this work to be from an alternative world.” The full vocabulary of elements, including flowerbeds, hedges, plants, and more, are on view in the Museum Building in drawings demonstrating their potentially infinite unique configurations.

2006. Straight trees, small bushes, red rocks made of painted steel, steel drums, PVC pipe, acrylic.

Area covered: 1/4 acre (1,012 sq. m)