Adopt a Pollinator

While we prepare to safely reopen to visitors, help support Storm King by adopting one of the many pollinators that call the Art Center home. Adopting a pollinator is a great way to help us care for our beautiful 500-acre Hudson Valley landscape. From wooded forests to blooming meadows of native grasses and wildflowers, your gift will ensure that Storm King continues to thrive for you and future generations.

Adopt a pollinator for someone special. Mark a birthday, special occasion, or memory of a loved one. Storm King will send you a digital adoption certificate that you can download and give as a gift.

$250 Storm King Bees
(Various Species)

In North America alone, there are over 4,000 species of native bees. From Western honey bees and bumble bees to the tiny solitary bees that live on our grounds in hives, fallen trees, and the tall native grasses, Storm King is home to dozens of different species. Not all bees make honey, not all bees live in colonies, and not all bees sting. But bees are some of the most important pollinators around.

After hibernating over the winter, bees awaken in time to collect pollen and nectar from their preferred plants. They remain active throughout the summer and into the fall season.



$100 Monarch Butterfly
(Danaus plexippus)

The Monarch butterfly is large and beautifully colored, easy to recognize by their striking orange, black, and white markings. More than beautiful, Monarch butterflies play an important role in pollinating the native wildflowers at Storm King. Monarch butterflies prefer flowers that are brightly colored, grow in clusters, and stay open during the day.

Storm King’s fields of wildflowers are home to the Monarch butterfly, as well as other species of butterflies, beginning in the spring season until the early fall.



$75 Bee Balm or Bergamot
(Monarda fistulosa)

Native to meadows and open woods throughout the United States, Bee Balm is also known as Wild Bergamot.  This fragrant plant blooms at Storm King during the summer months until September, with small clusters of pale pink to lavender flowers.

At Storm King, clusters of this plant can be found in the South Fields. Known as a honey plant, Bee Balm is a favorite of the local bee population that visit the Art Center.



$50 (and above) Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa)

Butterfly Weed
Native to meadows and open woods throughout eastern North America, Butterfly Weed or asclepias tuberosa is known for its striking clusters of orange blossoms. This plant blooms at Storm King during the summer months until September, attracting butterflies with its stunning color and delicious nectar.

At Storm King, clusters of this plant can be found in the Meadows.



Support for Adopt a Pollinator goes toward The Fund for Storm King, which supports the important work of maintaining our collection and landscape during this challenging time. To learn more about Storm King’s landscape and conservation efforts, visit