Martin Puryear Commission

Storm King Art Center has commissioned artist Martin Puryear to create a new, site-specific work for its permanent collection.


Storm King is thrilled to announce a new, site-specific commission for its permanent collection by preeminent American sculptor Martin Puryear. The 20-foot-high structure will occupy a clearing at the edge of the Art Center’s North Woods. Set to open to the public in 2023, the commission will be inaugurated in tandem with a special exhibition that focuses on the artist’s work in outdoor sculpture.



The sculpture will be composed completely of brick and marks the artist’s first use of the material—a nod to brickmaking as a once-primary industry in the Hudson Valley and a reference to the brick structures that dot the local landscape. The work will challenge viewers’ conceptions of this ubiquitous material: rather than straight lines and solid walls, the sculpture will curve inward and upward, opening to allow entry from one side while producing an overhanging swelling form on the opposite end.

Scale model of permanent commission for Storm King Art Center ©Martin Puryear Studio. Photo by SandenWolff

Visitors will be invited to explore the interior of the sculptural form, which progresses from an arched opening to a high dome. The shell-like form will be punctured by an array of circular openings of different sizes, offering visitors narrower views out of the sculpture. Standing in a particular point under the dome, visitors will be able to see directly through all these openings to the surrounding landscape, accumulating fragmentary glimpses of sky, trees, and other Storm King sculptures.

“This work is especially significant for me because it will be a permanent artwork in Storm King’s extraordinary landscape. And I’m taking the idea of permanence seriously—the materials I’m proposing to work with, the methodology I’m trying to employ, and the history of the material speaks to something timeless.”
Martin Puryear

Sketch of permanent commission for Storm King Art Center. ©Martin Puryear Studio

Martin Puryear is one of the most important sculptors working today, and his project for Storm King will join a historic series of site-specific commissions for Art Center’s permanent collection, including works by Andy Goldsworthy, Maya Lin, Isamu Noguchi, Richard Serra, and Sarah Sze, among others.

“Like much of the artist’s deeply referential work, its design is rich in historical and contemporary references, from Nubian vault-building techniques, an ancient building technique using mud bricks and other raw materials, to the brick-and-stone Seventh Regiment Armory on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.”
Gabi Angeleti, The Art Newspaper, 9/23/21

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