Sarah Sze Commission


Storm King is commissioning artist Sarah Sze
to create a new, site-specific work for its permanent collection.

Video directed by Nigel Parry © Storm King Art Center, 2019

Storm King Art Center is excited to announce Fallen Sky, a new, site-specific commission by Sarah Sze. Fallen Sky is comprised of a deliberately incomplete and increasingly delicate 36-foot-diameter spherical cavity, sheathed in mirrored stainless steel. The work will occupy a never-before-utilized location (chosen by Sze in consultation with Storm King’s curators) halfway down Museum Hill, just below Storm King’s iconic Museum Building, and will be experienced by viewers both up close and across long distances of Storm King’s site.

Fallen Sky is cradled in the expansive landscape of Storm King. Pressing into the earth, the concave sculpture reflects the concave sky, creating a sense of the landscape in reverse. As visitors peer into the reflection, they are immersed in the sky from above and below, teetering between a sense that the sculpture has dropped from above and sense that it is emerging from the earth. Framed by the landscape, the work erases the land and gives form to the air, allowing an intimate view of what is normally vast and immeasurable.
— Sarah Sze

The work engages with themes important within the Storm King collection—sharing with many other works a truth to materials, a grand scale, and a union with nature—while also moving in a new and specific direction: toward ethereality and a deep responsiveness to subtle environmental change. Fallen Sky also pays tribute to many communal and ancient sites from around the world while also remaining tied to the history of abstraction in art.

Sketches of Fallen Sky by Sarah Sze © Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze is one of the most critically-recognized artists today, and her work at Storm King could be seen as forming a generational continuum of site-specific and responsive works, from Richard Serra to Robert Grosvenor, Ursula von Rydingsvard, and Maya Lin.

Rather than reaching for the heavens like many sculptures at Storm King, ‘Fallen Sky’ will include a 36-foot diameter spherical cavity pressed into the earth. An envelope of mirrored stainless steel will give it a glistening veneer.
— Sara Aridi

Rendering of Fallen Sky by Sarah Sze © Sarah Sze

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