Untitled, 1997

Polished stainless steel

8' 2 38" x 8' 2 38" x 23 58 in. (250 x 250 x 60 cm)

© Anish Kapoor

Photograph by Jerry L. Thompson

Anish Kapoor has spoken of his mirrored sculptures as "non-objects" — indicating that their presence is not contained in their material surfaces. Kapoor aims to enable his viewers to experience the sublime, saying: "I think that…in a world where most things are explainable, [the fact that] art remains unexplained and unexplainable is absolutely crucial." Seemingly a basic circle, Untitled is hewn in such a way as to produce disorienting optical effects: "That sense of something which is on one level very straightforward but retains its mask, somehow doesn't let its mask down — that's what interests me."

Artist: Anish Kapoor- Untitled