Landscape for Fire, 1972

16mm color film, optical sound, 6 minutes 55 seconds, transferred to DVD

Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

© Anthony McCall

For Landscape for Fire, Anthony McCall and members of the British artist collaborative Exit followed McCall’s pre-determined score to torch containers of flammable material across a field. McCall describes it: "Over a three-year period, I did a number of these sculptural performances in landscape. Fire was the medium. The performances were based on a square grid defined by 36 small fires (6 x 6). The pieces, which usually took place at dusk, had a systematic, slowly changing structure." The work brought the grid — a conceptual focus for many artists in the 1970s and after — into a natural landscape, merging it with the vagaries of outdoor space and fire.

Artist: Anthony McCall - Landscape For Fire