Crossing the Hudson (April 12, the 295th night), 2009

Pencil on paper in 3 parts

Overall: 43 ½ x 109 ¼ in. (110.5 x 277.5 cm)

© Anthony McCall

This drawing describes Anthony McCall’s proposal for the former Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge (now Walkway Over the Hudson State Park). On June 21, the shortest night of the year, the bridge would be in complete darkness. Over the course of six months, LED lights would gradually illuminate it from its western to its eastern end, until December 21, when it would be lit in full. The lights would then diminish following the same direction until June 21. McCall explains: "The whole bridge becomes a kind of calendar. Any year you chose, on a certain date, the bridge would always be in the matching stage of partial illumination."

Artist: Anthony McCall - Crossing the Hudson