Entrance to a Garden

Of Entrance to a Garden—a sculptural torso on an architectural scale—Oppenheim once said: “the fusion of art, architecture, and fashion—art forms clearly separated in the past—is one of the objectives of this work.” Although Oppenheim designed the shirt-shaped garden in early proposals, it has never been executed with its full shadow configuration. The installation at Storm King is both the painted and perforated steel sculpture that takes the form of a man’s suit jacket, shirt, and tie bisected by an arched tunnel, and the hedge-rimmed garden in the shape of a cuffed and collared dress shirt—an imagined shadow of the sculpture. Passing through the archway leads to a small garden with seating.

2002. Painted steel, perforated steel, bolts, landscape material.

16 x 10 x 8' (4.9 x 3 x 2.4 m)