Timeline (A Light History of the Earth), 2012

Books, bookshelf, and chairs

Dimensions variable

Courtesy the artist and VAN HORN, Düsseldorf

Photography by Jerry L. Thompson

Holten’s Timeline comprises multiple parts: a library of books about light, located in the museum building, and Adirondack chairs peppering the Storm King landscape, each accompanied by a book for viewers to enjoy. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, Timeline approaches light from varied perspectives, including those of art history, psychology, and cartography. The round bookshelf in the gallery references the shape of the sun, the Earth, and a clock. It is painted to match "Cosmic Latte," believed to be the current average color of the universe, and is 4.56 feet in diameter, an allusion to the 4.56 billion years of the Earth's existence.

Artist: Katie Holten - Sun Timeline A Artist: Katie Holten - Sun Timeline B