Terrain: Storm King’s grounds comprise varied terrain including rolling meadows, hills, wooded areas, paved paths, gravel paths, and mown lawn. The visitor map indicates paved and unpaved paths and steep areas (where slope exceeds that of a wheelchair-accessible ramp, or 12.5%).

Trams: The Tram Loop is now closed for the winter season. Visitors seeking mobility assistance may request a ride on the Accessible Cart (instructions below).

Accessible Cart Service to LookoutMartin Puryear’s site-specific commission Lookout is atop a hill in the North Woods along steep, unpaved paths about .25 miles long. Wheelchair-accessible cart rides to and from Lookout are available by calling 845.534.3115 or emailing at least 48 hours in advance of your visit. You may also request a ride while onsite from a visitor services attendant. Service is available on a first come, first served basis between 10AM-12PM and 3PM-closing time, weather permitting. The cart can accommodate up to five visitors sitting in seats; or one visitor using wheelchair with up to three additional passengers in seats. The weight capacity for the ramp is 650lbs. All rides depart from the East Parking area on Museum Hill. 

Mobility aids: Visitors with a disability are welcome to bring their own adaptive bikes, mobility scooters, or other mobility aids. Not all roads and pathways will be appropriate for all devices. Storm King staff can help describe terrain and suggest accessible routes.

Wheelchairs: Push wheelchairs are available at the Bike Rental kiosk or Museum Store for complimentary use on a first-come, first-served basis. After use, please return wheelchairs to either location at least 30 minutes before museum closing.

Care Attendants: Admission is free for a care attendant accompanying a visitor with a disability. Please call ahead to reserve your tickets: 845-534-3115.

Service Animals: Storm King welcomes ADA Title III service animals only. Storm King does not allow pets, emotional support animals, comfort animals, or therapy dogs. Please declare your service animal at the booth upon arrival. Handlers are solely responsible for the care and control of their service animal. A leash or harness is required at all times; alternative options may be used when necessary, as outlined in the ADA.

Natural Hazards: Much of Storm King is open to the elements, is wooded, has running or sitting water, and is home to wild animals, reptiles, and insects. While Storm King’s staff engages in maintenance and landscape management, visitors must be aware of the natural surroundings, including fallen and falling limbs, insects, reptiles, wild animals, mud, water hazards, steep slopes, and loose and uneven surfaces. If you require first aid for bee stings, falls, etc., please contact a member of our Visitor Services Staff. Please respect the wildlife and ecology. Enjoy our long and native grass fields, but do not enter these areas. Climbing trees, littering or disturbing the natural environment is not permitted.

If you have additional questions about ADA accessibility, please email