Accessible Cart Service: Wheelchair-accessible cart rides may be reserved in advance by calling 845.534.3115. The cart can accommodate up to five visitors sitting in seats; or one visitor using wheelchair with up to three additional passengers in seats. The weight capacity for the ramp is 650lbs.    

Care Attendants: Admission is free for a care attendant accompanying a visitor with a disability. Please call ahead to reserve tickets: 845.534.3115.   

Mobility aids: Visitors with a disability are welcome to bring their own adaptive bikes, mobility scooters, or other mobility aids. Not all roads and pathways will be appropriate for all devices. Storm King staff can help describe terrain and suggest accessible routes. 

Natural Hazards: The site is open to the elements, is wooded, has running or sitting water, and is home to wildlife. Storm King does engage in maintenance and landscape management, visitors must be aware of the natural surroundings, including fallen and falling limbs, insects, reptiles, wild animals, mud, water hazards, steep slopes, and loose and uneven surfaces.  

Service Animals: Storm King welcomes ADA Title III service animals only. Pets, emotional support animals, therapy animals, or animals whose function is to comfort do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are not permitted. Service animals must be declared upon entry. Handlers are solely responsible for the care and control of their service animal, which must remain on-leash.  

Terrain: Storm King’s grounds comprise varied terrain including rolling meadows, hills, wooded areas, paved paths, gravel paths, and mown lawn. The visitor map indicates paved and unpaved paths and steep areas (where slope exceeds that of a wheelchair-accessible ramp, or 12.5%).   

Tram Loop: A free and wheelchair-accessible tram is available to help visitors move around the site. Visitors may hop on and off at any of the scheduled stops.

Vision Access: Gloves are available upon request at the Museum Store or by speaking with a member of staff. These gloves may be used to safely interact with the artwork.   

Wheelchairs: Push wheelchairs are available at the Museum Store for complimentary use on a first-come, first-served basis. Please return wheelchairs at least 30 minutes before site closing. 

If you have additional questions about accessibility, please email