Visitor Policies

No Dogs: Non-service dogs and pets of any kind are not permitted and may not be left in your vehicle. For more information on ADA service animals, please visit the Accessibility page.

Drones: Use of drones or any aerial vehicles at Storm King is prohibited.

First Aid: If you require first aid for bee stings, falls, etc., please contact a member of our Visitor Services Staff or call the mainline at 845.534.3115 and press 0 to speak with a member of staff.

Groups: Group reservations are required for any group of 12 or more people arriving in a single vehicle, including oversized vehicles (vans, buses). All reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance. Please see the Group Visits page for types and rates.

No Smoking: Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on Storm King’s grounds.

No Weapons: Weapons present a significant risk and are strictly prohibited onsite.

Personal Bikes: Storm King does not allow the use of personal bikes, scooters, skateboards, or hover boards for reasons of liability and congestion on pathways.

Photography: Photography and recordings are permitted for personal, non-commercial, non-professional use only. Please visit the Film & Photo Shoots page to submit a request for professional recording and commercial or wedding shoots.

Picnicking: Designated picnic areas are located adjacent to the North and South parking areas. Blankets are permitted on the lawn in both picnic areas, away from the sculptures. Picnicking on Museum Hill is not permitted. Please be respectful of other visitors and operations: do not hold picnic tables, bring tents, furniture, cooking equipment, or play audible music.

Recreational Sports: Personal bikes, ball playing, audible music, popup tents, other recreational items and sports are not permitted.

Respect Nature: Please respect the wildlife and ecology. Enjoy our long and native grass fields but do not enter these areas. Climbing trees, littering, or disturbing the natural environment is not permitted.

Sculpture Conservation: Touching, walking on, or climbing on works of art is prohibited. Even natural oils of clean hands can damage the surfaces of sculptures. Help us preserve Storm King’s collection for future generations.

Strollers: Strollers are welcome and most strollers are suitable for the gravel roads around the property. Due to the varied, sometimes hilly, terrain, heavy-duty strollers are encouraged. Terrain and inclines are indicated on the Visitor Map. Please note, strollers are not allowed in the Museum Building galleries.

Visitor Conduct: Storm King staff and visitors have the right to a respectful environment free of abusive, threatening, or inappropriate behavior. Please note that if needed, Storm King reserves the right to remove any person acting in a disrespectful manner.

Weather Closures: Storm King is an outdoor site and is open rain or shine. If there is extensive severe weather, we will close and ticket holders will receive an email with instructions for rescheduling their visit.

Visitors enter Storm King at their own risk. Storm King accepts no liability for injury or damage to personal property.