Storm King’s Commitment to Inclusion: Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (I:DEA)

Storm King Art Center is committed to policies and practices that value diversity, foster equity, and create an inclusive and accessible institution. As part of this commitment, Storm King Board and Staff worked together to create an I:DEA plan to help guide our work. This plan was formally approved by the Board in May 2021, and its principles and goals are outlined below.

We understand that Storm King’s I:DEA work requires sustained investment, openness to new ideas, transparency, and a willingness to evolve as we continue our journey and as new priorities emerge. Our plan is intended to be adaptable and will be regularly reviewed and updated as part of our annual institutional planning process. While elements of the plan will and should change over time, what will not change is our commitment to the work. We know that Storm King’s governance, operations, and programming are better and will grow stronger as a result of our commitment to I:DEA.


We ground our work in respect and reciprocal relationships. Storm King understands that it is through our interactions that our work comes to life; our artists, colleagues, visitors, and neighbors breathe vitality into our landscape, our artwork, and our organization.

We encourage and seek diverse perspectives by actively listening, engaging in open communication, and expressing appreciation for the relationships our work allows us to develop. We honor the process of collaboration and recognize that this requires time, active listening, and deep attention.

We understand that equity is not equality. To create opportunities for authentic access and inclusion, we must recognize people’s varied needs from a place of mutual respect and build from there.

We acknowledge that I:DEA is an ongoing, collaborative process that will evolve over time with the support of Board and Staff.


1. Organizational Culture
Integrate Storm King’s commitment to I:DEA into policies, practices, and decision-making, fostering an inclusive organizational culture.

2. Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention
Broaden our perspective and talent base by increasing Board and Staff diversity.

3. Access and Accessibility
Increase access and accessibility for people across a broad spectrum of age, ability, background, and culture.

4. Collections, Exhibitions, and Programs
Encourage and seek work from a wide diversity of artists, scholars, and performers when planning our exhibitions, acquisitions, commissions, and public programs.