Film & Photo Shoots

Storm King allows photography and recordings for personal, non-commercial, non-professional use only. Professional recording, recording for hire, and use of recordings for commercial use, including portfolios, of any element of Storm King’s site is prohibited without prior written approval. Recordings include photography and video.

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Site Fees
Site fees apply and are based on the scope of the shoot.

Permission must be sought from the artists/their estates to photograph or film artworks for publication, additional fees may be required.

Student (Non-Commercial) Shoots
Student film and photo shoots may be requested. The film/photos produced may only be used in a college/university context and may not be displayed publicly or submitted to any non-student competitions. 


Use of drones or any aerial vehicles at Storm King or over Storm King’s air space is prohibited.

Film and photo shoot requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be received at least three weeks in advance of shoot day. Shoots take place during normal operating hours and are overseen by a member of Storm King’s Private Events team.