Digital Resources

Discover art and nature at home with Storm King: Create. These learning activities are adapted from our Children & Families public programming. Share your creations on Instagram @stormkingartcenter or send to us directly to!

notebook with drawings and sketches of the sky


Download the instructional PDF  and sketch the sky with artist and educator Hara Woltz. Inspired by the dialogue between art and landscape at Storm King, Hara invites you to observe the sky daily, and record the weather, your thoughts, and emotions in a sky journal. Use at home, or on your next visit to Storm King!  ____________________

Vase of flowers on a table with the shadow being drawn on paper


Download the instructional PDF  and watch Storm King Educator Hannah show you how to draw the sun. All you need is a sunny location, a stable flat surface, paper, tape, and a drawing utensil. Draw the shadows and capture time on paper.


Homemade sculptures out of paper clay


Download the instructional PDF  on how to use commonly found household items to mix your own paper clay. Then use it to create whimsical sculptures inspired by nature!





Watch this video on how to create a 3D sculpture model with Storm King Educator Hannah, and learn how to make your own 3D sculpture models out of cardboard!



Homemade plant press with crafting supplies


Watch this video on how to create a plant press with Storm King Educator Rebecca, and learn to preserve pressed flowers and plants from your own backyard! Put your plants in a nature journal, send them as a card, or hang them on your wall!


Homemade cantilever sculpture


Educator John Cloud Kaiser from Freestyle Arts invites you to make gravity-defying cantilever sculptures at home using materials found around your house! Download the instructional PDF and watch John and his kids Audrey and Henry build their own sculptures off their dining room table.